Yard Maintenance

Front Yard Maintenance 
Canyon Falls provides front yard landscape services to all homeowners within the community. Your front yard landscape service includes the following:
    -    38 Annual Site Visits to mow your lawn
    -    Two (2) applications of pre and post emergent to help prevent weed control
    -    Three (3) annual applications of fertilizer to help establish a healthy and vibrant lawn
    -    Edging along the sidewalk and string weed eating along the flower beds and tree wells
    -    Removal of organic and non-organic debris from the front yard
    -    Hand removal of weeds from the flower beds and tree wells
             - Please note that this does not include creeping Bermuda grass
Optional Back Yard Maintenance
Southern Botanical also offers back yard landscaping. If a homeowner would like to add back yard service, please complete this form and email it to Southern Botanical at canyonfalls@southernbotanical.com. The homeowner will be billed separately by Southern Botanical for this additional service. 
See below for the current landscaping schedule:
Southern Botanical Mowing Schedule - Click here